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This year Operation Wanted celebrates a decade of desexing savings for pet owners!

The desexing initiative driven by the RSPCA and supported by local veterinary clinics and councils.

Commencing June 1st, participating vets will be offering their local communities 20% off dog and cat desexing.

With over 140 veterinary practices participating in Queensland, we’re excited to begin expanding this offer to pet owners across state boarders with NSW, VIC and ACT on board in 2024.

Having an unexpected litter can be expensive and time consuming for pet owners, something families under financial pressure will not be able to deal with.

Prevention is always better than bringing unwanted pets into the world.

“It’s incredible to think Operation Wanted has been running for the last 10 years, offering pet owners vet bill reprieve through discounted desexing.

“We’re thrilled to see Operation Wanted expanding interstate so pet owners across the boarder can also take advantage of the initiative,” says RSPCA Queensland spokesperson Emma Lagoon.

Since 2014, it’s estimated around 200,000 animals are desexed in Queensland during Operation Wanted.

“Every animal deserves to be loved and have a home to call their own, desexing helps prevent unwanted animals turning up at pounds, shelters and rescue groups,” says Ms Lagoon.”

What are the benefits of desexing your cat or dog?

  • Reduces the desire to roam
  • Allows your pet to be happier and healthier
  • Reduces the risk of some cancers
  • Removes the risk of unwanted litters
  • Cheaper council registration fees
  • Reduces behaviours such as urine spraying in cats
  • Reduces aggressive behaviours in dogs

If you are thinking about desexing your pet, you can register to receive your unique discount code to provide to participating vets.

Help spread the word

If you have done your bit already and desexed your pet, or you just want to help support this campaign further, you can help by spreading the word on the importance on desexing and putting an end to pet over-population.

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